My Passion

I help cancer survivors deal with the reality of re-entering life and the workforce. Together, we break free of the past struggles and move from surviving to thriving, fully empowered to live a purpose-driven life filled with an abundance of energy, inner peace, and joy.

What people are saying about Lynn Finley...

“Lynn Finley is that rare business leader who not only cares deeply for the success of the enterprise, but for each individual under her watch.

One of her more striking talents is the ability to recognize the key strengths of her employees and place them in new and innovative roles that maximize their opportunities for success, while at the same time, improving the company’s operations as well.

I’ve seen her do it time and time again, launching successful and meaningful careers in the process.”

“Lynn fought to have our jobs re-classified with gigantic double-digit raises for most. That didn’t happen before and it hasn’t happened since her tenure over the group of which I’m a part. She fights tooth and nail for her people.

I adore, love and respect her!”

“Lynn Finley’s coaching skills have been instrumental in guiding me towards a more productive lifestyle. With her help I have improved my way of thinking through challenges that come up, and learned ways to minimize the blocks that have held me back from taking action. Her passion for helping her client shows up in her full engagement at every coaching session. I would highly recommend Lynn as a professional coach to anyone looking to improve their personal and business experience. Thank you, Lynn…”

“During the time I worked with Lynn she always made time to coach, consult, and advise me on challenges both simple and complex. Her ability to listen, her curiosity, and her guidance continues to have an impact in my professional and personal life. While many leaders rely on cliches and trends of the month, Lynn’s approach is personable and real…she cares about people and it shows.

Great leaders turn adversity into an advantage. With her honesty, empathy, and perspective, Lynn has taken my challenges (and others I know) and changed them into opportunities.

I’d highly recommend Lynn’s insight and coaching for those experiencing hardship so she can help guide you on the road to a better place.”

Even one coaching session with Lynn Finley will change your life!

I recently retired and for years kicked around the idea of opening a small luxury patio gardening business. In mid-January 2017 I met with Lynn and had a life-changing experience. She was amazing! Lynn has earned her wings as a spiritual warrior and uses her God-given talent to guide you towards the best next chapter of your life! She has the ability to listen deeply to your worries and the obstacles they present. Her kind, compassionate, yet down to earth approach helps to ignite the fire towards your destiny and dreams. It was just what I needed. Within a week of meeting with her I finally launched, Faye’s Fabulous Flowers, in Redondo Beach! Best. Coach. Ever! I can’t thank her enough.