Triumph Through Adversity Coaching


Some dates are forever stamped in your mind. January 12, 2012: a date that will be forever etched in my consciousness.  That was the day I was diagnosed with breast cancer… and my life changed forever. More later about where that journey lead me …


Are you battling some type of momentous adversity?

  • Perhaps you’ve just received a serious health diagnosis
  • Experiencing a layoff with an employer you’ve been with for over 10 years and you’re over 50
  • Grieving the death of a loved one
  • Overwhelmed with financial difficulties and can’t seem to find a way out


How are you going to handle this ‘pothole’ in the road of life? Life’s curve balls can leave us feeling alone, angry, depressed, disengaged, fearful, overwhelmed, and stressed to the max.


As the saying goes, pain is inevitable but suffering is optional. Unfortunately, bad things happen to good people, but how you choose to deal with these happenings usually provides the best opportunity for personal growth.


I know, I’ve been there. I too struggled with feelings of emptiness, fear, pain, isolation and depression. But as soon as I realized there was another way to live and by doing so be filled with joy and fulfillment, is when the real healing began…inside of me!  I promised myself that if I got though it all and got a second chance at life, I would make it my mission to help others move from surviving to thriving.


Here are just a few of the benefits of coaching with me:

  • Develop your survivorship tool kit
  • Help break through what’s holding you back so you can move forward
  • Identify what drains you and what feeds you and how to tap into it on demand
  • Develop new ways to relax and let go of stress
  • Develop an action plan to keep building your new muscles and living in alignment with your goals and values so you can continue on your path to thriving.


It is my privilege to help clients identify specific thoughts, feelings, and emotions that hold them back from living their purpose-filled life and walk with them on their journey to creating a thriving life and return to wholeness. Please feel free to click here to sign up now for a complimentary coaching consultation call with me!